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Four seasons should be good if you're still there

Le 19 mars 2018, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Ask the spring, summer, autumn and winter which season, the teenager is a little hesitant, a year four times different, each have color. However, working in the garage of the metro car depot is almost the same every day. At night, waiting for the train to return from the garage door, the state of the equipment; In the early morning, one by one, I looked at the train's condition and felt the cold wind pouring in from the gate.

The spring is very good, if you are still present, the spring breeze seemed to be addicted to the breath wedding event management, fall the eye many attendants shing, short time forgotten frost, nor in summer heat, think why you than former days aboard on time, but the original is hesitate beautiful short skirt or a thick coat.

The summer is very good, if you are still present, steam box general heat oppressed in the garage, cheek sweat drenched neckline, dripping water bursting in the blue car backstage rental, covered with oily be soiled hand wipe spent face, eyes looking forward to most is filled with ice cola and you, how lucky, can with the way encounter on this planet, daily looking forward to is the norm, vision has never been as beginner's mind, let you safely.

The autumn is very good, if you are still there, I closed the car door rod, filar silk cool idea through the palm, a late autumn night in the morning not faded, gasp between leaps the breathe, the leaves falling gently in orbit outside the garage, quietly listening to the siren sharp example sage accounting, looking forward to when you step into the train of enron, early in the morning on the original intention is just so simple.

In winter it is very good, if you are still present, expect the weather-bright, the morning fog wrapped in thick cotton-padded jacket you step, garage door to fill in the wind cold sweat on the forehead, will involuntarily dozen chills, looking at the gradually out of the train, fantasizing about waking in the city you whether enron, as usual before you wake up has aroused the breath of the city for you.

The seasons are different, but they are the same because of you. No matter when you look back, you can also be steadfast, even if god is tired, not bright, but not regret year after year to be your guard, not regret to persist in the first wish you enron.

Jiangnan woman

Le 19 mars 2018, 08:58 dans Humeurs 0

Jiangnan, misty rain! Jiangnan woman, graceful and graceful! Love jiangnan, more love jiangnan woman. Half silk rain, mist from the mountains, smoke rising from the pool, water gurgling, song sweet. Through the misty rain, jiangnan woman that red hair and half a wisp of hair and blue scarf hold a pan of water show, leisurely, qian eyes standing, the most afraid to laugh at, the side of Yu Xiaoqiao water village, in just cry from the pavilion, with blue bricks tiles YanTou.

Dye light have a poem or a word, in the deep blue grinding on the road, such as a light rain, over at the end of the rain lane, drifts over the oiled paper umbrella, over WuPengChuan OARS lever, across the red eyes light red lanterns, poetry, cannot translate jiangnan one thousand wine flow chu, words cannot describe jiangnan amorous feelings of a woman. One pond lotus opens, saw peach blossom in full bloom, the late apricot a few, pipa sound broken, wu language is pretty, the red of the smile is like lotus, like the cake, like the poem.

Jiangnan woman, color dyeing water, the same fragrance cloves, will take your memories, but dare not allegations he wants to, go to NingMu, just appreciate their grace, their Ran Zhong Xiang umber, grasp the makeup of the jiangnan features and jiangnan woman weak. Set your heart on the picture, not this is a picture of a flow of ink painting, the mountain, the water, the bridge, the ship, the jiangnan woman, dizzy in the paper make a person not covet, it is like concealed, quiet and comfortable.

Jiangnan, the sail of the past thousand years, graceful if painting, graceful poetry. Jiangnan woman, the heaven has fallen into the spirit of the earth, on the bend of the river to pull the rope leisurely, in a cool landscape, walking along the long river Banks... Is this you? I'm not behind you aloud a poem about you, because I am guessing your heart, more can't ponder historic rhetoric, only one in your life, let the misty rain, like fairy.

A domain "misty rain at jiangnan, boat is also" small bridge, flowing, jiangnan woman, I am the swift boat for travelers, please lend me a long rainy season, in the warmth of your company, see you like water, condensate if you mist, write an essay about your soft seize the soul-stirring WenShiHang, drifting between your hair...

Winter in the small mountain village

Le 26 janvier 2018, 08:34 dans Humeurs 0

My hometown is in  east peninsula fall Angle of multifunction mountain, this is a surrounded on three sides by mountains, full of vitality and ordinary faces the small mountain village, here folkway, people still live the sunrise and make, whether of the simple life.
In my memory, the winter in my hometown was always very cold, and the northwest wind came with snowflakes. Although it was cold,Electronic Bidet we seemed to like the day when the snow was floating. It snowed, and on the land, on the roofs, in the ravines and on the rolling hills, was covered with this soft, thick snow. In particular, the lush green pine trees around the village seemed to be covered with a white hat, which, like paintings, was beautiful!
In our small mountain village, it is very quiet and comfortable in winter. This time, the sky blue beautiful like water projection in the mirror, wheat seeding green to be a long straight line, a green skirt, spectacular, enchanting, tingting's stand in winter in the field of desert kuang service apartments. A few wild geese were passing under the blue sky, and the whole earth, the mountains, and the wilderness were so quiet.
At that time, the food that every family eats, the firewood that burn basically is depend on production team to supply. After the autumn harvest, the fields only for the big families still stands in the wind and frost, the green leaves grow lush, bold, not afraid of the cold, sprinkle over spilled, waiting for the arrival of the beginning of winter solar terms.
At this time, people will dig the Chinese cabbage kiln and the radish kiln in front of their own house or garden, waiting for the production team to divide the radish day. On the beginning of winter, the production captain will inform all the families to collect turnips. Therefore, people are out of their homes, women carry basket, hand sickle, male labor pushing a wheelbarrow, we did not have much to do these children also follow closely behind the adults play have poured on to the farm. When the production team leader was assigned to work,Direct Subsidy School the women began to use the sickle to cut the leaves of the radish, while the male labor was followed by the carrot. Finally, women are responsible for the radish evenly divided into a small pile of a pile of leaves, each a pile, the male labor is responsible for that the turnip truck loading to the production team the yard, and then, again according to the production of radish number average household. At this time, the production team accountant took the statistics of the number of population accounts that had already been counted up, and came to the ground. After the number of a number of turnips, a small wooden card was drawn from a small wooden box, and the name of the family was written on it, and the radish was sent to the house to show fairness.
Although just to the beginning of winter season, the weather isn't too cold, the production team of the small courtyard is very busy, the radish scene, in this small village as a small festival, people are eagerly waiting to their name. Hold out a little're, accounting will write in a small number and name on the list, and then, he loudly shout out your name, at this time, people assigned to the turnip had sent radish people to dig a well in front of the kiln, early unloading, "said the polite words. Then, households will put our campus big cabbage and assigned to choose the best, put down in the kiln, cover the earth, the winter food basic is ready, the rest of the home to eat now or do it with.
After the busy time, there is little to live in the mountains and fields. But before it snows, keep the grain and other crops ready. Then, over the heads of the people to wipe grass clippings, sweat on my forehead, and work again, the production team to home sweet potato, potato, collection, and then covered with a thick layer of DouYe, antifreeze bad. Then the red chillies were strung under the eaves at night, and dried and dried, radish strips stood in front of the window, and the corn was made up, and the tassels hung in the courtyard. In the courtyard of the whole farmhouse, it became a poem.
Before the snow, the production team have an important work to do, is to free the commune land again, so that the commune's land not only can the underground pests freeze to death, and added the active layer, snow rain penetration depth, crops have long good next year.
In the winter in the village, the sun is high in the sky, which makes the sun bright and cold, and it is not a rainy day in the countryside. At this time, the production captain called up the village's young man to go up the mountain. And the old people in the village will be two or three groups, three or five groups of people sitting on the north wall of the street, basking in the sun, talking about the family, talking about the village affairs.
In the winter of the village, the night is quiet. The wind was blowing hard, and the brightness of the moon and the stars made the village clear and quiet.
In the winter night, the people in the mountain villages will sleep early, and the streets will be strangely quiet. Last night also month lang star dilute the sky, suddenly hike up the snow at night, when people wake up in the morning, I saw snow still keep in quiet gone with the wind, I saw the whole village and starts from the trees, the ground the wheat seeding were covered with snow. And up a home of woman is busy family breakfast, men pipe in mouth, take the broom on the corner of the courtyard, the nook and cranny of cleaning the clean, and then out of their homes, to the door and the streets were clean, the only home children drill continue to do a dream in the bed.
Village and the snow up and down the northwest wind, sometimes, however, come with snowflakes, a then a, just clean the streets of the yard was covered with snow, make the village into a pure world.
The soft and beautiful snow is falling, the wind is gentle and gentle, and the white and white ice and snow splash down the bottom of my heart.
At this time, the adults in the family will add firewood to the hearth of the home, the flourishing of the fire in the fire, the heat of the fire in the home. Close to the hearth, known as kang tou, is the most popular when the fire is strong, usually reserved for the elderly and children in the family. After breakfast, the adults in the village of the 3322 club, so he walk, some girl kannika nimtragol groups to a set of the kang, saying they mocked swooping, but hand everyone has his own work, some with a crocheted flowers, some of the insoles, some knit scarf, but never forget their "crazy surface" men before adding the said anything when he found the straw, smoking a cigarette, let them in the kang "noisy".
The thick snow outside the window, but have we these children, three, four clusters of girls in a snowman, the boys in the rolling a snowball, older children in comfortable slippery with ice and snow, snow battle, the laughter, the chase, in this small mountain village, in the sky of childhood, leisurely wrapped around.
Snow and ice seemed to be the happiest gift to the children in the village. They forget to go home to eat, when they forget to go home to eat. At this time, the parents will come to the street to look for the children, the children always will not give up.
Back home, mom and grandma are good a nagging, lovingly to give the child take off the wet clothes, cooked on the fire, until the children's hands and face flushed with roast, warm up, give them put on clean clothes.
Year after year, winter is still beautiful and quiet small mountain village, whether in the bright moonlight at night and bright stars, or a small mountain village is covered with snow fields, mountains and fresh air, everywhere permeated with thick agrestic breath, coupled with the small mountain village, simple, simple and honest and unique, fun and colorful life in the mountains how intoxicating and yearning.

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