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The law of balance

Le 25 October 2018, 10:01 dans Humeurs 0

There are two people: one rich and weak; A poor strong.

The two envied each other. The rich envy the health of the poor, the poor envy the wealth of the rich. Even the rich would exchange all their wealth for the health of the poor. The poor are willing to exchange their health for the wealth of the rich.

Their wishes were known to an amazing doctor

Doctors have given them hope by swapping brains: the rich have been poor and healthy; The poor became rich and sickly.

Since then, the two have led the life they desire tax in china.

The rich who become poor have health and a strong desire to succeed. Slowly, wealth began to accumulate again, and he became rich again.

At the same time, he was extremely worried about his health. Under great mental pressure, the originally healthy body slowly appeared the disease, and led the previous rich and sickly life.

As for the poor man who has become rich, he is worried about his health and illness at the same time when he has great wealth. Think of these wealth but their health sacrifice, if not to enjoy life, once death is too much!

So he began to spend a lot of money and did everything he could to make himself comfortable commercial air conditioner companies.

As a result of this period of his carefree life, good mentality has also brought good health, and slowly, the body is strong again, led the previous poor and healthy life.

This is the end of two people: although the experience of all kinds, but eventually back to their original appearance.

Maybe you think the world is unfair.

Some are rich and some are poor. Some people are healthy, some people are ill; Some people can make their dreams come true, while others can only regret for life.

There must be some justice behind these injustices: because what we see is always part of the truth. That part of the truth you don't value is just another counterweight to the "balance of justice"!

You think it's "unfair" only because you've artificially labeled people of all stripes weekend markets hong kong, comparing their unique qualities to their non-traits.

When you see all these things, you will find a rule: the world is always maintaining its balance in a unique way.

Maybe what you have is not what you want, but in the eyes of others, it is indeed a rare wealth.

This is the law of balance of destiny: it does not exist to please you, but it gives you everything, if you do not use it, it will not be responsible for you!

Golden memories

Le 25 October 2018, 09:45 dans Humeurs 0

As a child I was afraid of the dark, so whenever the moon rises, I always turn on all the lights in my house. Mom and dad are busy with business, only my grandpa accompany me, every day on time at the door of the kindergarten, and like ding dang meow to fill all the delicious food, try to coax me home.

One day, we came home late. There was a power cut in the building. It was dark. A little moonlight shone through the window, making it difficult to see the gloomy corridor. Faintly looking in, silent, deep, like a deep well, I can still seem to hear the sound of ghost in the movie. I clenched my grandfather's hand in fear and stood where I was. Instead of forcing me upstairs, grandpa took me to the convenience store to buy a small bottle. We walked back to the entrance of the building. The bottle of shake was stuck. The glass bottle was on -- it was a small light!

The golden light just lit up the corridor, and the dead air suddenly came alive with a warm and soft smell. I was happy to hang around with the bottle, thinking how good grandpa was. Grandpa took my hand and said something... I don't remember, but I'll never forget that the temperature in grandpa's palm is the same as that of a firefly.

The bottle was still there, but grandpa was gone.

I still have that bottle to this day, though it won't light up. I held the bottle until the cold glass warmed by the warmth of my palm

The golden light never dimmed, the golden memory is always there.

Four seasons should be good if you're still there

Le 19 March 2018, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Ask the spring, summer, autumn and winter which season, the teenager is a little hesitant, a year four times different, each have color. However, working in the garage of the metro car depot is almost the same every day. At night, waiting for the train to return from the garage door, the state of the equipment; In the early morning, one by one, I looked at the train's condition and felt the cold wind pouring in from the gate.

The spring is very good, if you are still present, the spring breeze seemed to be addicted to the breath wedding event management, fall the eye many attendants shing, short time forgotten frost, nor in summer heat, think why you than former days aboard on time, but the original is hesitate beautiful short skirt or a thick coat.

The summer is very good, if you are still present, steam box general heat oppressed in the garage, cheek sweat drenched neckline, dripping water bursting in the blue car backstage rental, covered with oily be soiled hand wipe spent face, eyes looking forward to most is filled with ice cola and you, how lucky, can with the way encounter on this planet, daily looking forward to is the norm, vision has never been as beginner's mind, let you safely.

The autumn is very good, if you are still there, I closed the car door rod, filar silk cool idea through the palm, a late autumn night in the morning not faded, gasp between leaps the breathe, the leaves falling gently in orbit outside the garage, quietly listening to the siren sharp example sage accounting, looking forward to when you step into the train of enron, early in the morning on the original intention is just so simple.

In winter it is very good, if you are still present, expect the weather-bright, the morning fog wrapped in thick cotton-padded jacket you step, garage door to fill in the wind cold sweat on the forehead, will involuntarily dozen chills, looking at the gradually out of the train, fantasizing about waking in the city you whether enron, as usual before you wake up has aroused the breath of the city for you.

The seasons are different, but they are the same because of you. No matter when you look back, you can also be steadfast, even if god is tired, not bright, but not regret year after year to be your guard, not regret to persist in the first wish you enron.

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